MODELROCK started in Australia in 2013 with a dream of creating a 100% vegan and cruelty-free beauty line. Company Directors Raelene and Jeremy were inspired when they couldn’t find faux eyelashes in the styles they were looking for. They cared deeply for animals and wanted to create a company around their belief that animals were put on this earth with us to be loved not to be used in makeup or tested on.

So, Raelene set out to create her own unique lash styles. She started from humble beginnings, simply cutting up basic lash styles and making different styles that she couldn’t find anywhere else. She searched the internet meticulously for lash manufacturers, then took her time to sample dozens of different manufacturers from around the world until she found one that met her high standards of quality for the brand.

MODELROCK quickly became world renowned for its amazing quality and innovation in lashes, so they decided to expand their line with a few complimentary cosmetic products. With the popularity of their innovative liquid lipsticks formulation and amazing feedback from her customers, she knew the brand was destined for something more. Wanting to share our premium quality products and brand with a wider audience MODELROCK officially launched in the U.S. in 2019 with a full range of eyes, brows, and lip products.

Our products were designed with you in mind, so we hope you feel inspired to embrace your inner wild side and empowered to rock what makes you unique. We are so excited to have our MODELROCK brand accessible in the USA so you too can #GETYOURMODELROCKON!